VIRUSH is a technophilic packet-snatching’ virus-killing arcade-style game for Vive. Featuring a pumping electronic soundtrack and played in spherical/360 degrees with your Google Daydream or Vive rig.


Origin Story

Virush started simply; let’s design a game for Google Daydream that’s built for that controller. As the first dedicated controller for mobile VR, we knew it would create new opportunities & challenges for interaction and we wanted to explore that space. We decided that our best approach was to use an existing premise to inspire our design; allowing us more time to focus on design issues unique to Daydream. We turned to the ever inspirational Nokia Snake as a place to start. Several of our team have a fondness for Snake and we felt it would be a natural for VR. Little did we know that just as we completed our development, Tommy Palm, from Resolution Games, would give a talk saying that VR is in the Nokia Snake phase.