Arcturus was founded in September of 2016 but our story starts earlier than that.

We’ve worked together for years designing games, virtual reality and providing technology development as a service. As we look at the entertainment landscape we feel that the medium of XR is at an inflection point; the basic tools to create XR have been built but there is still a lot to invent and discover in order to create engaging content and we knew it was time to focus our energies on the creation of interactive narrative content and the technology that drives it.

Original and compelling content for XR is driven by great narrative combined with interactivity. A combination that requires a deep understanding of linear storytelling, games, and how to facilitate artists with new technology expanding the boundaries of their imagination.




Andy Stack

Chief Operations Officer

I’ve been focused on VR creation since early 2015. I had been at Google as a YouTube Product Manager leading efforts on creator tools and video monetization since 2010. In 2015 I started to see the opportunities that VR & AR would provide for creators and I shifted my focus to creating YouTube’s VR content strategy as well as leading production for the first showcase 360 videos on YouTube.

I draw on my experience as a serial entrepreneur to guide our process and productions.  With three successful exits and a number of years at Google/YouTube I know how to build companies for the ground up and prepare them for success. With an MBA from Wharton, a BSEE from Princeton and decades of experience working with creators I provide that crucial bridge between operations, technology and creation.

Ewan Johnson

Chief Creative Officer

I’ve been designing and building immersive experiences since early 2015.  My focus is the creation of compelling and engaging experiences that draw on all aspects of the worlds we are building from environmental design to staging, story and new technology.  

With over 20 years of feature film animation experience, I bring a deep knowledge of film production to the process.  At Pixar, I designed and built our cinematography department while designing the cinematography for A Bug’s Life, Monster’s Incorporated and Toy Story among others. At Dreamworks Animation I played similar roles for films such as the Madagascar Series and How to Train Your Dragon.



Devin Horsman

Chief Technical Officer

I’ve been building VR and AR experiences since early 2012 and focused on XR since 2015. My focus is the merging of interactivity and new technology with narrative driven entertainment. I use my experience building Twisted Oak in the design of our experiences and in the creation of new technologies to drive our experiences.

At Twisted Oak technologies we were important contributors to popular games such as Two Dots and Drawn to Death as well as the first 360 video playback app for mobile that incorporated spatial sound the App (formerly verse) With over 30 applications released for mobile, ps4 and PC’s I’ve dealt with all aspects of experience development from design, engineering, optimization and distribution.

Our Team

Arcturus Team Photo.jpg



Our team is focused on next generation VR applications including technologies related to videogrammetry, lightfield photography, realtime CG animation and interactive narrative experiences. Come help build the future of entertainment.