Dog Park Inn

STrangest Hotels

YouTube and Lenovo asked Arcturus to produce a series filmed on Lenovo's new VR180 Mirage camera.

Strangest Hotels is an episodic travel show, hosted by YouTube personality Greg Benson, that brings you to amazing locations in the USA simply by putting on a VR headset or logging onto YouTube. In addition to transporting the viewer to places they’ve never seen, this quirky mini-documentary series explores the hilarious and often ridiculous side of these extravagant hotels.

Arcturus had a great opportunity to create the first content for a new format (VR180) using an at-the-time new and  unreleased Lenovo Mirage camera. The series debuted at CES 2018 on Lenovo's new Mirage Solo VR headset. During the shoot and post-production, Arcturus provided Lenovo's product team with direct feedback from which Lenovo was able to further debug and refine various features and processes of their latest product.

Strangest Hotels Madonna Inn (ep. 1)

Strangest Hotels Dog Park Inn (ep. 2)

Lenovo Mirage Camera

Lenovo Mirage Camera