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Frequently asked questions

HoloEdit supports industry standard file formats for mesh and textures, including: PNG, astc, dxt1, OBJ, PLY, Alembic, FBX, mp4, and OMS.

HoloEdit is designed to accommodate your individual workflow and needs. Import features may depend on the features provided by each file format, but every supported format is fully integrated into HoloEdit.

In most regions, HoloEdit 2021.1 supports both local and cloud compute. Local processing supports all HoloEdit workflows but is unable to take advantage of the speed and parallelization of cloud computing

HoloEdit provides optional detection of stabilized sequences during Clip Import. If your data is not showing up as Stabilized within HoloEdit with detection enabled, verify your capture is properly stabilized or reach out to Arcturus support.

Video tutorials on major features and workflows are available on the Arcturus Youtube channel, and more tutorials are added regularly. Check out the Learn page for the complete HoloEdit Documentation.