“In Someone Else’s Shoes” AR Experience


Arnold Worldwide approached Arcturus with an idea for their client, Santander Bank. They knew that personal connections evoke empathy and can inspire people to help others. They imagined an augmented reality (AR) experience that utilized volumetric video to create a personal one-to-one connection with consumers in a highly immersive and cost-effective manner. HoloSuite was the only way this idea could come to life.

Santander, as part of its marketing and community outreach efforts, launched an initiative to generate awareness around the multiple faces of homelessness, specifically that some people who have jobs still cannot afford housing and are forced to live out of their car. The bank sponsored a walkathon which donated $10 for every step taken by volunteers on a national awareness day to fight homelessness. To encourage participation, they imagined an attention-grabbing experience that used cutting-edge AR to get consumers to empathize with the homeless and take action. Arnold, the bank’s advertising agency, planned a 5-minute volumetric video capture of a nurse living out of her car observed in augmented reality. While Arnold used the full 5 minute experience for a live event, this was edited for time and ease of distribution via the App Store and Google Play.

Specifically, Arcturus provided pre-production consultation, on-set management, processing of 4DViews HOLOSYS files, compression, editing, sound editing, integration of CGI and photogrammetry, as well as static and dynamic retargeting of the asset post capture.

We are proud that it was awarded Adweek’s Ad of the Day on its release.

More information about the campaign can be found here: In Someone Else’s Shoes Below are direct links to the app: