HoloCompute Packs

HoloCompute is HoloEdit's cloud computing service that empowers fast, parallel processing for editing, stabilization, and compression. Because raw volumetric video files are massive, HoloCompute does the heavy lifting away from local PCs and their internal network. Purchasing the right size of HoloCompute depends on how long the volumetric clips are and what tasks creators will be executing on those clips. Please contact us for more details and guidance.

Frequently asked questions

Your compute hour balance can be checked in HoloEdit by navigating to the User > Manage Profile window. Sign in when prompted to acquire your license. Your remaining compute hours will be displayed to the right of the sign in button.

If you require additional compute hours, you can buy more via our website or contact Sales at sales@arcturus.studio.

Compute hours are used only when sending a job for processing to the remote server. Once a job begins processing compute hours will start to be used. A job’s total Compute Time can be tracked in the Job List.

If you see that a job has failed--either in the Job Viewer or in your composition’s timeline--please contact our Support Team at support@arcturus.studio with the associated Job ID to help assess the failure.