Our team is focused on next generation VR applications including technologies related to videogrammetry, lightfield photography, realtime CG animation and interactive narrative experiences. Come help build the future of entertainment.

We’re a practical, flexible and efficient team that favors automation, process and heads down work. We believe in organizing around a mutual respect for one another and invest in our employees. We strongly protect our team’s work/life balance.

We aim to improve the state of the industry with equitable hiring and operating practices that support people who identify as disabled, BIPOC, trans, LGBT+, or women.

Volumetric Video Pipeline Technician

Arcturus is seeking multiple volumetric video pipeline technicians to help process & create cutting edge volumetric content for use in immersive media, film, and upcoming holographic displays. The successful candidate will be joining a team of talented engineers and technicians creating the media of the future, backed by a stellar business and operations team.

We’re seeking someone with great written and verbal communication skills, personal organization, process oriented thinking and passion for film, games, and technology. This is a career position with opportunities to focus towards training, support, product, demo production or sales technician as the company grows.


  • Working with our sales team or demo producers, assess the technical challenges for an incoming volumetric capture project.

  • Working with a project manager, estimate calendar time and effort required to complete a project

  • Process volumetric data through our compression pipeline, resolving any automated solver errors

  • Guide our automated skeletonization and skinning process

  • Touchup blemishes, mesh errors, and performances using our volumetric editing tools

  • Working with engineers, assess and report any bugs or workflow issues in our tools

  • Improve and develop our pipeline technician workflows

  • Help design and document training content


  • Precise and personable written and verbal communication skills

  • Excellent computer and software troubleshooting skills

  • Understanding of 3D art fundamentals

Special Consideration Given to those with

  • Understanding of

    • Immersive media: VR, AR

    • Capture and scanning:  6DOF vs 3DOF, photogrammetry

    • Post: Editing, Composing, Rotoscoping, matchmoving, matte and touchup painting

    • IT: command line, render farms, cloud computing, computer networks, storage & data transfer, basic scripting

    • Communications: project management, tracking, scheduling, bug reporting

  • Experience with cutting edge hardware or technology development


If you'd like to work with us and don't see a position for you listed above, please reach out with your goals. We love meeting talented, hard working people who want to build amazing stuff.

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