Technical Artist

Arcturus is seeking multiple Technical Artists to join its team of engineers and artists as expert users of HoloSuite, Arcturus’ cutting edge, volumetric video edition suite. Our Technical Artists play a crucial role in developing new workflow solutions--spanning from R&D, through to implementation--for our software and volumetric video content creators. Successful candidates will be joining a team of talented engineers and technicians creating the media of the future, backed by a stellar business and operations team.

We’re seeking someone with exceptional 3D skills, backed by strong interest in working with volumetric video. This is a career position with opportunities to focus towards support, training, product, demo production or sales technician as the company grows.

Job Summary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Become an expert user of HoloSuite’s workflows in HoloEdit, Maya, Mari, Unreal, and Unity

  • Analyze, evaluate, design, and develop workflows for editing volumetric video using Arcturus’ post-production editing tool, HoloSuite

  • Provide leadership and education for new technical solutions and features implemented in HoloSuite, both internally and with HoloSuite users

  • Work collaboratively with Arcturus’ engineering, R&D, and art teams to improve UX for HoloSuite users

  • Lead and report on R&D work for experimental workflows

  • Create marketing and demo content to be shown online and in-person at industry events


  • Post-secondary education in a relevant visual art or technical field, such as 3D arts, animation, programming, or a portfolio demonstrating professional industry experience

  • Proficiency using coding languages like Python, C#, C++, or visual scripting systems like Blueprint (Unreal)

  • Solid understanding of optimizing scenes, resolving bugs, and improving UI elements in Unity and Unreal game engines

  • Experience with building rigs and capable of maintaining a high level of visual and technical quality of skeletal data

  • 3 - 5 years experience with high 3D asset pipelines and digital content tools like Maya, Houdini, Blender, Mari, Unity, Adobe Photoshop and Premiere, and Unreal

  • Possess expert understanding of 3D assets, materials, texture baking, and lighting

  • Ability to work with 3D assets and photogrammetry data for high-quality visual results


Special consideration given to those with understanding of

  • Understanding of VFX production pipelines

  • Immersive media (i.e. VR, AR)

  • Capture and scanning:  6DOF vs 3DOF, photogrammetry

  • Post: editing, composing, rotoscoping, matchmoving, matte and touchup painting

  • IT: command line, render farms, cloud computing, computer networks, storage & data transfer, basic scripting

  • Communications: project management, tracking, scheduling, bug reporting